Watch as I teach my Shih-Tzu Macy the Shake-a-Paw dog trick using a training clicker and some tasty dog treats. Clicker dog training is the best way to teach your dog tricks. Get a [More]
Une nouvelle vidéo de vasko qui a eu 1 an le 16 novembre . Il a fait des progrès en Obé et agility et a appris de nouveaux tricks . Il a neigé un peu [More]
Training with my 16 week old Labrador “Odin”
Want to teach your dog back up? Learn how with expert tips on dog tricks in this free pet care and obedience video. Expert: Kim Amatucci Bio: Kim Amatucci is a practicing Pet Dog Trainer [More]
Nana the Border Collie performs amazing dog tricks. Nana is trained entirely with the use of Positive Reinforcement and clicker training. No videos are sped up or reversed. Nana really is performing each trick in [More]
SUPER DOG TRICKS 2009はこちら→ バカッコイイ遊び方をする犬達。 生後10ヶ月のキセキ初ドッグトリックに挑戦! 犬種:ワイマラナー -Weimaraner- 名前: キセキ -Kiseki- :10ヶ月(2012.10.25) アンバー -Amber- :8歳(2005.5.3) パール -Pearl- :1999.3.27~2012.3.10 1.ペットボトルのゴミ箱1発落とし(キセキ) 2.本を1発でしまう(キセキ) 3.トスでボールを1発シュート(キセキ) 4.風船を2匹でトスゲーム(アンバー&キセキ) 5.ツイスト&スピン(アンバー) おまけ:サッカーを1発でシュート(パール)
Here we are on a Dog Beach in Southern California dancing with our dogs and doing dog tricks and obedience inspired by Pharrell William’s song “Happy”. The song is very meaningful because we train our [More]
Bella, Max & Brandy (Trick Dog Champions) are performing 29 advanced tricks for the ATD. Only 5 tricks need to be shown to achieve the title.
Check out Jesse’s new App! “Jesse the Jack’s ABC Zoo”: Follow Jesse’s Adventures on Facebook!: Jesse loves performing his tricks and bringing smiles to people’s faces! He is taught using positive reinforcement and [More]
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