While we were in Juanita Beach, Seattle in June 2014 my hubby, some friends and I came across this cute dog amusing himself by throwing his own frisbee into the water and then fetching it. [More]
Music. Sports. Gaming. Exclusive entertainment. With glorious #O24G. The way we use our mobiles is changing. We are watching more videos, playing more games. And streaming, tweeting and browsing more than ever before. 4G will [More]
See the brilliant original here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbVhRBt1lkM Shout to Nathalie Baverstock for the tip off!
Funny Cats and Dogs – Dogs Protecting Human Babies Funny Cats and Dogs – Dogs Protecting Human Babies Video Dogs and Human Babies Funny Dogs Funny Dogs Video Funny Cats and Dogs – Funny Dumb [More]
This is an advanced dog trick for any dog that has some experience working with a positive, marker-based style of training. It has been made popular partly from being seen in a number of movies. [More]
Hazel and her daughter, Bramble performing their most amazing and difficult tricks. All of these tricks were positively taught. If there are any tricks shown in this video that you would like me to create [More]
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Leroy presents a fun compilation of his amazing tricks 🙂