The Boykin Spaniel is only slightly larger than the English Cocker Spaniel but much heavier through the body width. Height at the withers for males ranges from 15.5 – 17 ins (39.4 – 43.18 cm) [More]
Clever dog uses an automatic throwing arm or laziest dog owner in the world? you be the judge. Thanks for the likes, comments and for subscribing. Subscribe to Malibu Dog Training channel: Subscribe to [More] – The best Funny Cats And Dogs, I hope this video will help you some funny. funny videos of cats on youtube funny videos of dogs on youtube funny jokes about dogs and cats [More]
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Farley the border collie opening her own presents at Christmas
Trick not to teach your Dog
Service dog Max harasses Liam Kelly, 14, of Gig Harbor after Max noticed Kelly’s blood sugar was elevated during a training session at Canyon Crest K-9 Training Center near Midland last week. Liam has been [More]