Looks like this little guy doesn’t need anyone to open the backyard door for him. Watch as 2-year-old Beer manages to walk into the house all on his own! Source & embed code: https://rumble.com/v2zeff-amazing-funny-and-smart-dog.html For [More]
‘Funny Dogs and Puppies Jealous of Kissing Couples’ Compilation 2014 To watch more funny and cute videos, please subscribe. Dog Jealous of Boyfriend, Jack hates kisses, Jealous Dog clip Don’t Kiss My Mom, jealous dog, [More]
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“STITCH” The Smartest American Bulldog in the World!!! DOB 1/31/2006 ~ 8yo male American Bulldog. Stitch is friendly around people and other dogs.
David Letterman 2009 03 10 Stupid Pet Tricks
Watch Funny Dogs : http://www.youtube.com/user/PetDogTricks/videos. Joy, the funny dog, has some exciting time with this hot wheels car which drags a cookie behind. A funny prank for family enjoyment. Hot dog videos! Ver funny stuff. [More]
Amazing Border Collie tricks performed by Nana. All of Nana’s tricks are taught with positive reinforcement and the clicker. No video is sped up or reversed. Nana really is performing each trick in this video. [More]
this is tanner showng me a trick he taught himself and shared it with me!! Tanner is a 13 year old pure bred australian sheppard . we have been with tanner since he was a [More]
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