Today at canine freestyletraining Julia showed us how Max is able to keep completely still while performing the “dead dog trick”. He shows an amazing trust being absolutely unmoving even though she is jumping all [More]
Dogs are so funny sometimes and they actually have different feelings. Just look at all those cute jealous puppies 😛 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos! [More]
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The ADA law allows service dog owners and trainers to take their dog everywhere the public is allowed to go. While out in public, dogs are expected to be very well behaved and stay out [More]
Subscribe Charlie Facebook: Amazing video about dog owner who teaches his adorable puppy how he should never give up. Touching story about extremely close relationship between cute puppy and his owner. music:Second Coming – [More]
Hey This is Max! He’s almost 8 months old and about the smartest dog I have ever encountered. A little bit like an ADHD kid at times but way super cool… don’t get one unless [More]
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[Funny dogs] – The battle of dogs and venomous snakes Subcribe to more “funny dog video” List of funny video just realized that while children are dogs-loyal and affectionate-teenagers are cats. It’s so [More]
Teaching tricks is a good way to develop a relationship with your dog as well as refine skills for harder tasks and skills. Talk to the trainer live from anywhere in the world via webcam: [More]