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Territory domination is the name of the game. Well, however, cats are those, who win in most cases 😀 We hope you enjoyed our compilation. If so, please subscribe! Thank you! You also won’t regret [More]
Letting a dog off the lead to sniff, explore, run & play and have fun is a wonderful sight to see, BUT to be able to do this you need control of your dogs actions. [More]
This is a video extract from an american show (Ellen!)… I don’t really know the name but who cares!! Dogs are Clever!!!! – Pepsi Clever Dogs
A big and brilliant new dog bed by award-winning British dog bedding designers Charley Chau in support of Greyhound Rescue West of England! Every bed sold raises money to help hounds in need!
Sometimes dogs get really excited, they maybe even overreact sometimes. Here are just a few examples of that 🙂 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos! For [More]
Clicker training two very different dogs to really concentrate and I’d like to see you do the same thing with your mouth! Gary’s Miniature Schnauzers brilliantly demonstrate what you can train your dog to do [More]