More amazing dog tricks by Amy: Amazing Dog Tricks performed by Amy! Amy is an Australian Shepherd and 2 years old. Enjoy watching! ♥ Camera: Nikon D3100 Edited in iMovie Music: “Learn To Fly” [More]
Pick n choose Boo bear activates his spidey senses. Lil varbs sniffs and makes an accurate decision. All feedback, comments are welcome!! Please subscribe! Follow me on Instagram @Boobear_pooch
I was trying to teach my puppies these tricks, my cat was observing the whole time. I Thought I’d try the tricks out on her and she did them… she’s stubborn but at least I [More]
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New Year Tricks : Neo and Tuxedo skating at Montpellier Skatepark
A collection of my dog’s favorite tricks. See more of Jack: Twitter: @stackonjack
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Ramos does lots and lots of tricks, he knows more than most dogs! He can high-5, lay down, stand on his back legs, turn round in a circle, tap your hand…. He’s very clever! Learning [More] Instantly locate your dog during late night walks in the park. These bright LED dog collars are a great safety option to keep a mans best friend safe. A must have LED safety [More]