As you can see there are certain dogs that absolutely hates bath time but even having said that we dog owners shouldn’t give up and continue to do our best to continue this dog grooming [More]
Excited Sheltie performs 30+ tricks to earn her 1st trick title, Novice Trick Dog (NTD). Includes Funny & Cute Bloopers. Learn more about this exciting new informal dog performance sport at: (Jump for joy, [More]
A Pitbull balancing three things on his head at the same time! Pits are one of the smartest dogs. That’s why its so easy to teach & turn them into fighters.
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This is my “brilliant” Bernese Mountain Dog chasing his tail.
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Amazing Dog (Boogie) Training in Telugu by Mr Praveen
About Hanala Sagal: Fitness-health expert, her visionary life coaching (starring in Shape Up L.A. as Suzan Stadner) is a phenomenon. Daughter of Holocaust survivors, she is an author and Jewish celebrity featured in “The Last [More]