This is a video of my friend Jo and her cute white fluffy dog Yoda showing a few tricks that he’s learned. Yoda is 9 months old in this vid. He’s one of the smartest [More]
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He likes to sing I Love You at times. Are you a pet lover? They understand. They’re pet lovers too.!PetSupplies/cvmk I know guys aren’t suppose to has a lap dog but Dillon is one [More]
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just watch like my dog tries to steal the ball:) Subscribe Charlie Facebook:
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A video guide to created to assist you in teaching your dog to enjoy wearing a muzzle.
My two bearded collies Skye and Inca playing games… Skye is always trying to push her way in and show she’s the best at the game!! Please leave comments (but no junk mail please) Thank [More]
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