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Collaboration of dogs that talk to their masters. Funny stuff.
Brilliant Idea by + Kota pet store + Kota is the biggest pet store chain in Mexico with more than 200 stores It has a pet rescue program that helps coordinate dog shelter to make [More]
The best dog of all.!!!! 🙂
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Well trained lab dog fetches a beer for her owner. Even goes back to shut the fridge. What you don’t know is she is helping herself to some tasty steaks when the owner’s back is [More]
The first video in my “Recallers” series. To download the Quick Reference Guide and to see the rest of the videos in the series go to and enter your name and email address.
Brilliant Dogs UKI Lizzy’s best run from the weekend!! She was loving getting to do so many backsides and on Sunday the temperature dropped big time so she was a hamster. What amazed me is [More]
***PLEASE SHARE THE VIDEO IF YOU ENJOY IT, SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE A VIDEO*** THANK YOU!!! Translated in English. German shepherd has an unusual ability to understand people, and her mood changes every second. Немецкая овчарка [More]
Double Beam is an Expert Trick. A coordination exercise.