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Awesome Halloween costumes for babies, children and adults: For babies: Puppy costume: Tiger costume: Lion costume: Monkey costume: Cute monster costume: Bunny costume: For children: Spiderman costume: Disney [More]
Funny Cats and Dogs Love Babies | Cats and Dogs Love Babies | Cats Love Babies | Dogs Love Babies | Animals Love Babies Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the [More]
Dog Plays Dead | Dog Playing Dead | Cat Playing Dead | Animals Playing Dead | Animals Playing Dead Supercute | Cat Plays Dead | Cute Animals Playing Dead | Funny Animals Playing Dead | [More]
Don’t leave your treats on the counter or this cute pup will jump high to grab a bite. This smart call will even roll over a chair to get the food! SUBSCRIBE to us! [More]
This is a Tribute I did for “Tret”, an Am. Staff Terrier and famous parkour dog from Ukraine. Tret is owned and trained by 3FishMan, who also filmed him. If you would like to see [More]
I hope you like it! If you have any suggestions for a video please put it below! (for example dogs vs. cats) Thanks for watching! (I know that the music disapears at a certain point.) [More]
This is NOT a simple dog trick. Have you heard that Shiba inus are intelligent dogs? Watch Ellie use a dog biscuit as bait to fish in Pomeranian Mr. Jack. Ellie doesn’t even like dog [More]
They just get even more clever! he finds his own way in pleasing himself
Patent Pending BLUEFANG technology is Bluetooth for dogs. With our new Bluefang remote training collars and smart phone app, you can train your dog using multiple audible tones and shock stimulus from up to 400 [More]