Gary’s Clever Dogs – 1 – Balls in Cups

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Yes, the dogs put the balls in egg cups. And jam jars.

Gary’s Miniature Schnauzers brilliantly demonstrate what you can train your dog to do without going out on a cold winter night. Hoping you’ll get some ideas about what to teach your dog, plus get to say “Wow”, plus get you to say “Wow, cute.”

We’re aiming to make the Positively Pets Channel a resource for pet owners who want to take their dogs a little further than that the come back in the park or walk nicely on lead – although these are important too. We want to give people ideas a little beyond what they’d normal think to train their dogs. All using kind methods. All pet dogs. All constructive use of dog brain power: a busy dogs is a good dog, a busy dog is much less likely to run away in the park.

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Miniature Schnauzers do SuperRetrieves


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