‘Funny Dogs vs. Bath Time’ Compilation 2014

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‘Funny and Cute Dogs vs. Bath Time’ Compilation 2014

‘Dogs Just Don’t Want to Bath’ Compilation 2014

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After Bath time, Angry dog after bath, Bichon Frise Dog Freaks Out after Bath on Bed, Boxer dog sad about getting a bath, boxer dog wants the park but not a bath, Cute Puppy Scared of Bath, Dog avoids Bath. Munster, Dog does not want a bath, Dog doesn’t like bath, Emma says I don’t wanna take a bath, Funny Boxer Dog Bath Time Routine, Funny Dog Doesn’t Want a Bath, Funny Pathetic Big Dog Mastiff getting ready for a Bath Santino and The Bath, How To Give A Dog A Bath, How To Wash Your Dog, I don’t want to take a bath, Jackie the Bernese Mountain Dog wants her bath right now, Kali Airedale Dog Bath, Maggie the Boxer dog not wanting a bath funny, Molly Doesn’t Wanna Bath, My dog argues about taking a bath, Our White Korean Jindo Dog Getting Ready for a Bath, Smart Boxer dog knows when it’s time for a bath, Tricked my dog to take a bath Funny, Wolfie Doesn t Want A Bath

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